Staff List

Name:- Dr. Bhavana Chauhan
Department:-Foods and Nutrition
Designation:-I/c Principal Foods and Nutrition, Ph.D.
Teaching Experience:- UG:-23 Years PG: -12 Years

Human Development Department

Name:-Dr. Sharda L. Joshi
Department:- Human Development
Designation:- Associate Professor
Qualification:-Ph.D,M.Sc,B.Sc Hons,B.Sc Home science
Teaching experience:- UG:22 years PG: 05 Years

Name:- Dr. Mittal Barot
Department:- Human Development
Designation:- Assistant Professor
Qualification:- Master in HomeScience (Child Development) & Ph.D.
Teaching Experience:- 6 Years
Family Resourse Management Department

Name:- Ms. Kalpana Srivastava
Department:- Family Resource Management
Designation:- Associate Professor
Qualification:- M.Sc. (HOME MGT.), Pursuing Ph.D.
Teaching Experience:- UG:- 21 years PG:- 12 years

Name:- Dr. Devika G. Thakkar
Department:- Family Resource Management
Designation:- Associate Professor
Qualification:-Ph. D, M.Sc. (FRM)
Teaching Experience:- UG:- 25 years PG:- 15

Name:- Ms. Sushma K. Batra
Department:- Family Resource Management
Designation:- Associate Professor
Qualification:- M.Sc. (HOME),B.Ed.
Teaching Experience:- UG:- 19 years PG:- 09

Name:-Dr. Nidhi Gupta
Department:- Family Resource Management
Designation:- Associate Professor
Teaching Experience:- UG:- 16 years PG:- 11 years

Name:- Ms. Padmaja Pupala
Department:- Family Resource Management
Designation:- Lecturer (Part-Time)
Qualification:- M.Sc. (FRM), Pursuing Ph.D.
Teaching Experience:- UG:-17 years
Foods & Nutrition Department

Name:- Ms. Shazia S. Sharma
Department: - Foods and Nutrition
Designation: - Associate Professor
Qualification: - M.Sc. (Foods and Nutrition), Pursuing Ph.D.
Teaching Experience:- UG: - 20 Years

Name: - Ms. Vijaya Agarwal
Department: - Foods and Nutrition
Designation:-Lecturer (Part-Time)
Qualification:-M.Sc. (Foods and Nutrition), Pursuing Ph.D.
Teaching Experience:- UG: - 17 years

Name:- Ms. Makwana Tanvi Dahyabhai
Department:- Foods and Nutrition
Designation:- Associate Professor
Qualification:- M.Sc.( Foods and Nutrition), B.Ed, CCC+
Teaching Experience:- UG:- 7 years

Name:-Ms.Minal Chauhan
Department:-Foods and Nutrition
Designation:-Associate Professor Foods and Nutrition,
Teaching Experience:- UG:-7 years

Textile & Clothing Department Sports Department

Name: MS. Alpana Shah
Department : Textiles and Clothing
Designation : Associate Professor
Qualification : M. Sc. ( TEXTILES & CLOTHING)
Teaching Experience: UG : 22 Years PG : 15 Years
Name:- Mr.Ranjit.D.Bhagora
Department:-Physical Education
Designation:-Physical Instructor
Qualification:-M..Ped, M.Phil., Pursuing Ph.D.
Teaching Experience:- Gives coaching of various games i.e. Football, Khokho,
Volleyball, Kabaddi, Badminton, Basketball.
Chemistry Department

Name:- Mr.Yogesh Babulal Vadwala
Designation:-Associate Professor
Qualification:-M.Sc [Organic chemistry]
Teaching Experience:- UG:-20 PG:-10

Name:- Ms.Trusha Kirit Lad
Department:- Chemistry
Designation:- Associate Professor
Qualification:- M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry)
Teaching Experience:- UG:- 17 Years
Administrative Staff

Name:- Mr. Ishakbhai R.Vahora
Designation:- Head Clerk
Qualification:- M.Com., LL.B.
Work Experience:- 30 years

Name:- Mr.Kamlesh S. Panchal
Designation:- Sr. Clerk
Qualification:- M.Com
Work Experience:- 23 years

Name:- Ms. Daxaben D. Sharma
Designation:- Lab. Assistant
Qualification:- B.Sc.(Micro), DMLT
Work Experience:-29 years

Name:- Mr. Harshadbhai J.Patel
Designation:- Jr. Clerk
Qualification:- M.A.,M.Com

Work Experience:- 18 years

Name: -Mr. Ishwarbhai C. Patel
Department:- Library
Designation:- Librarian
Qualification:- M. Lib.

Central Committee In charge Faculty for the year 2016-17
No. Portfolio Name
1 Vice president Dr. Yogesh Vadwala
2 Geet Sangeet Nritya Dhara Ms. Minal Chauhan
3 Natya Dhara Ms. Tanvi Makwana
4 Gyan Dhara Ms, Vijaya Agarwal
5 Kala Kaushalya Dhara Ms. Sushma Batra
6 Sarjanatmak Abhivyakti Dhara Ms. Kalpana Srivastava
7 Khel Kud Dhara Mr. Ranjit Bhagora
8 Samudayaik Seva Dhara (NSS) Ms. Trusha Lad & Dr. Mittal barot
9 NCC Ms. Padmaja Puppala
10 Magazine Dr. Sharda Joshi
Other Committee in charge faculty for the year 2016-17
No. Portfolio Name
1 Hostel Ms. Shazia sharma
2 IQAC Dr. Nidhi gupta
3 Career and Placement Ms. Kalpana Srivastava, Dr. Sharda Joshi, Dr Nidhi gupta
4 Alumni Association Ms. Kalpana Srivastava , Ms. Shazia sharma, 
5 College Website Ms. Kalpana Srivastava, Mr. Nayan Parekh
6 Publicity Mr. Ranjit Bhagora
7 DELL Mr. Nayan Parekh and  Ms. Onvi
8 ICT facility Ms. Trusha Lad and Mr. Ranjit Bhagora
9 Library Ms. Alpana Shah, Dr. Nidhi gupta, Ms. Kalapana Srivastava Ms.Vijaya Agarwal,
10 Funds for  financially poor students Dr. Bhavana Chauhan,  Dr. Yogesh Vadwala
11 Landscape  Ms. Trusha Lad & Dr. Mittal Barot, Ms. Minal Chauhan, Ms. Tanvi Makwana
12 Gym Mr. Ranjit Bhagora, Ms. Shazia Sharma, Dr. Nidhi Gupta
13 BISAG Mr. Ranjit Bhagora,
14 Time table Ms.Alpana Shah, Ms. Shazia Sharma, Dr Nidhi Gupta,
Dr. Sharda Joshi
15 Test timetable Dr. Devika Thakker, Ms. Alpana Shah
16 Reception of guest Ms. Sushma Batra, Dr. Sharda Joshi
17 Grievances Dr. Bhavana Chauhan, Dr. Yogesh Vadwala
18 Women cell Dr. Devika Thakker, Ms, Alpana Shah, Dr. Bhavana Chauhan, Ms. Shazia Sharma,  Dr. Sharda Joshi
19 Academic calendar Dr. Bhavana Chauhan, Ms. Sushma Batra, Dr. Yogesh Vadwala, Dr Nidhi Gupta
20 Prospectus Ms.Alpana Shah, Ms. Sushma Batra,
21 Staff  Secretary Ms. Alpana Shah

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