The Student Code of Conduct applies to all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in any course or programme at S.M.Patel College of Home science,on a full time basis. It is the expectation of the College that all students will be good and respectful citizens.The Student Code of Conduct applies to on-campus or off-campus activities, college-sponsored or not. If conduct by students, in the judgment of the College, is deemed unbecoming in the interest of the College, the College reserves the right to conduct an administrative hearing or a hearing before the Student Conduct Board.


Consistent with the College's Mission, the purposes of the Code of Conduct are to:

  1. • Establish standards of personal conduct.
  2. • Provide for the advancement of knowledge and the development of ethically sensitive and responsive to upcoming challenges and contempory needs of the society.
  3. • Recognize that students are adults and, as such, their relationships with the College community should reflect this and inculcate a sound philosophy for holistic living irrespective of race, color, national origin, sex, age, handicap, sexual orientation, or political or religious beliefs.


The Code of Conduct does not create contractual rights for students or impose limits on the College's authority to regulate student conduct. As an government aided institution, the College may impose or withhold sanctions as the College deems appropriate. The Chairperson President, Dean ,Principal may modify the Code of Conduct at any time and for any reason.

1. The staff and students should behave courteously and with official decorum and will respect all categories of employees without discriminating against their tenure of service.
2. They will show due respect to all office bearers and chairpersons.
3. All communications should be in proper language with politeness to ensure the atmosphere of any academic institution use of slangs, abusive words is strictly forbidden be it English, Hindi or Gujarati.
4. Shouting, screaming calling out to one another in lobbies or garden areas is strictly forbidden.
5. Everybody should maintain complete silence in library.
6. Correct use of facilities in toilets and washrooms as per standard norms to ensure toilets remain clean and usable throughout the day.
7. Use bins to dispose of the garbage (wet/dry waste) and litter and incinerators.
8. Responsible use of every article of college property and every facility provided by the college.
9. The college expects each member (faculty, administrative staff, students) to be alert and report damage and misuse or defacement of any article of the college property including e- resources and college websites.
10. All members shall carry their identity along with them on every working day of the college.
11. Use of mobile phones in college premises during hours dedicated for academics is strictly prohibited.
12. As student members of the college they are responsible for all items of college property and will be held liable for damage, defacing, and or removal of any article owned by the college.
13. Students shall not bring any visitors without prior permission of the office or use college properties for hosting parties for personal events.
14. The college requests all its members to work in a spirit of cooperation and harmony so as to maintain stability and smooth functioning of the administrative and academic machinery of the college.

1. As a women’s college situated in heart of Vallabh Vidyanagar security of the premises and members is of topmost priority to the college authorities. This code is a part of security measures adopted by college authorities to protect all members and visitors and visitors and college premises and properties from external threat of any kind.The college building is under juridisdiction of Vallabh Vidyanagar police station and is under its protection. In case of emergency, the college can use the facilities extended by the Vidyanagar police station to handle any untoward or awkward situation.
2. All visitors invited by college are guests and are to be treated as such and will enjoy the hospitality extended by the college.
3. Visitors seeking information about our college will be directed by security personal to the office, principal’s room and faculty room.
4. No visitors are allowed in classrooms, laboratories and examination halls.
5. Visitors must come with prior appointment to meet faculty.
6. No outsider shall be permitted to loiter in college. This will be seen as trespassing and tresspassers shall be prosecuted.
7. The college is under CCTV surveillance.
8. The college guarantees safety and security to all within its premises particularly guest.