Counselling is an integral part of the college. A counselling cell is formed for this purpose. There are plenty of benefits of counselling for college students. A counsellor can help students to dissect their problems and help them figure out how to solve the problems on their own. In many ways, counselling helps to align everything into a place and shape students into responsible and confident adult. The area of student counselling is usually Academic Support, Parental Counselling, Individual Counselling and Group Counselling.

Aims of Counselling:
  1. Inspire a student's behaviour
  2. Instil discipline in them
  3. Persuade to achieve their goals
  4. Assist the students in fulfilling their basic physiological needs
  5. Combating with emotional as well as social issues
  6. Understanding themselves and acceptance of others
  7. Evolving them in a balanced human being

List of Counsellors:
  1. 2023-24
  2. 2022-23
  3. 2021-22
  4. 2020-21
  5. 2019-20
  6. 2018-19