Rutu Desai
Foods and Nutrition

I am Rutu Desai, a graduate in Foods and Nutrition from S.M. Patel College of Home Science. My three-year experience here was positive and enriching. The knowledgeable and supportive professors made learning engaging. The campus, especially during the monsoon, is beautifully green and well-maintained, with excellent infrastructure and well-equipped labs. The teaching methods, including lectures, presentations, discussions, and practical applications, fostered critical thinking. The college also offered diverse extracurricular activities, workshops, and seminars. Serving as class representative and General Secretary enhanced my leadership and communication skills. Overall, it was a great platform for both academic and personal growth.

Mitika Gandhi
Human Development

My college, S.M. Patel Home Science, is an excellent place to study and gain knowledge. College life here is a transformative experience that extends beyond academics to personal growth. These years have been some of the most memorable of my life. The principal, teachers, and office staff are incredibly helpful, cooperative, and dedicated to the progress of both the college and its students. I feel blessed to have studied at this institution.

Nidhi Shah
Family Resource Management

Embarking on my academic journey at S.M. Patel College of Home Science has been truly transformative. The faculty, serving as inspirational mentors, are dedicated to nurturing our potential. The dynamic campus environment fosters a rich tapestry of learning and personal development among students from diverse backgrounds. State-of-the-art facilities support both academic and extracurricular pursuits, enhancing our educational experience. From internships to research projects, the college equips us with invaluable skills for our professional journey. Amidst forging lifelong bonds and treasured memories, S.M. Patel College of Home Science has exceeded all expectations, affirming my pride in belonging to this distinguished institution.

Ankita Butola
Textiles & Clothing

I am Ankita Butola from Kutch, Gujarat, and I pursued a bachelor's degree in Textiles & Clothing at S.M. Patel College of Home Science (2023-2024). As a Diploma to Degree student, my two-year experience was enriching. Serving as Class Representative in my third year enhanced my leadership and communication skills. The college's supportive faculty, engaging subjects like dyeing and printing, clothing construction, and Indian cultural history, as well as workshops and fashion events, provided valuable learning opportunities. The internships offered also greatly contributed to my knowledge and growth.

Shrestha Gupta
Foods & Nutrition

I am Shrestha Gupta from the Foods and Nutrition department at S.M. Patel College of Home Science. Over the past two years, my experience here has been exceptional. As a D-to-D student, I have benefited immensely from the supportive faculty who have motivated me at every step. During my time at this college, I have acquired valuable life skills, including effective communication, leadership, and work management. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to S.M. Patel College of Home Science for providing this enriching and transformative experience.

Bansari Patel
Family Resource Management

Attending S.M. Patel College of Home Science has been an enriching journey. The professors, serving as mentors, guide us towards excellence. The campus fosters a vibrant, diverse community where students learn and grow together. Top-notch facilities support both academic and extracurricular pursuits. From internships to research opportunities, the college prepares us for future careers. I've formed lifelong friendships and cherished memories here. Overall, S.M. Patel College of Home Science has exceeded my expectations, and I'm proud to be part of this esteemed institution.

Maitri Patel
Textile & Clothing

I am grateful to S.M. Patel College of Home Science for an enriching three-year journey. The college offers excellent facilities and courses that enhance personal and professional skills, such as communication and research. Studying Textile & Clothing taught me valuable skills like precise garment construction and an appreciation for India's artistic heritage. The college also provided courses on CorelDRAW and Adobe Photoshop, along with various extracurricular activities. I deeply appreciate the support from everyone at S.M. Patel College of Home Science, which has been crucial to my overall development.