Rules for Reservation

  • For the internal assessment a major change is made, where in at First, Second and Final year B.Sc. (Home Science), out of the two tests per subject per semester, marks of the best of the two are considered. In case, where assignment is given to the students, then best of the two i.e. marks of either test or assignment are considered.
  • Under Choice Based Credit System, a paper setting pattern was chalked out and implemented for internal as well as external tests and exams.
  • In order to lessen the burden of education, question bank in each subject under CBCS is prepared by the subject matter expert teacher and is being implemented for reference by the students for their Internal and External exams.

  • II. Practical Courses:
    (a) Evaluation of each practical work and one internal test per subject.
    (b) Regular assessment of the journals.

    III. Overall Assessment:
    (a) After each internal tests, answer books are shown in the class, performance of the students is discussed for further improvement.
    (b) Counseling of weaker students. At the end of the semester, internal marks of all the subjects are displayed on the notice board of the college in order to rectify any misunderstanding among students about the marks.

    R U.G.H.SC.-1 : Candidate for the admission in Degree of Bachelor of Home Science (B.Sc. Home) must have passed the Higher Secondary Ex amination conducted by the Gujarat Secondary Education Board in any stream or must have passed the Vocational Stream with Vocational group + 2 or technical group or Two years Diploma examination in Home-Science conducted by the Gujarat State after 10th std. or any examination of any other university or examining body recognised as equivalent there to [ statute 175 A(6)]

    R.U.G.H.SC.-2: A Student who has passed an equivalent examination from any other university or examining body and is seeking admission to a college affiliated to this University shall be admitted only on producing an Eligibility Certificate from the Sardar Patel University.

    R.U.G.H.SC.-3: Examination will be conducted under semester system for this purpose one academic year will be divided in to two semesters. The candidate will have to complete six semesters to obtain a B.Sc.(Home) degree.

    R.U.G.H.SC.-4 : No Candidate will be admitted to any semester Examination in Home Science, unless it is certified by the Principal of her college:
    (i) : That he/she has attended courses of study to the satisfaction of the principal at a college recognised for teaching courses of study in Home Science by this University.
    (ii) : The weighatge of the in semester evaluation (internal evaluation) shall be 40% and weightage of the end of semester evaluation (external evaluation) shall be 60%.
    (iii): In internal assessment, the student will have to score 25% marks in each of the course and in aggregate have to score 35%.
    (iv) : That he/she has undergone N.C.C. or N.S.S. or N.S.O. or Physical Training in accordance with relevant ordinance/s in case he/she is a student of the First Year of the Three Year Degree Course in Home Science.
    (v) : That he/she has presented himself/herself for medical examination if conducted by this University.

    R.U.G.H.SC.-5 : Candidate desirous of appearing at any semester examination in Home Science under the three year Degree Course must forward their applications in the prescribed form to the Registrar through the Principal of the college on or before the date prescribed for the purpose under the relevant ordinances.

    R.U.G.H.SC.-6 (a) : A student, who fails at the Semester Examination conducted by the university in one or more than one papers, will be permitted to continue the study in the next Semester Courses.
    (b) : A Student, who is eligible to appear in the University Examination but could not appear at the Semester Examination conducted by the university in one or more than one papers, will be permitted to continue the study in the next Semester Courses.(Note: - The above is not applicable for the NPTA / Withdrawal candidates)
    (c) : A student, who is failing in any of the papers and allowed to continue study in the subsequent Semester Course, can take the examination in the Course in which he/she is failing at the end of respective semester examination. A student can have maximum 5 attempts after 6 or 8 Semester program excluding the attempt he/she made at the end of 6th or 8th Semester.
    (d) : A student failing in any of the papers at a Semester Examination passes out such papers by 6 Semester or 8 Semesters, (in case of B.Com.(Honors) such attempts will be considered as First Attempt.
    (e) : A student who is allowed such carry forward will be exempted from appearing in the External examination in such papers which he / she has passed out.

    R.U.G.H.SC.-7 : In External assessment, the student will have to score 40% marks in each of the Course. In overall, aggregate of internal and external for particular course student will also have to score 40% marks in each of the Course. The candidate will NEVER be said to have failed in a course if he/she is unsuccessful in completing the course by the end of the semester. On the contrary he/she is said to have DROPPED the paper.

    R.U.G.H.SC.-8 (a) : The University will hold examination for theory papers and practicals for all semesters of B.Sc. (Home Science) Degree Course.
    (b) : The University will hold examination for the sixth semester twice a year i.e. March/April and October/November.
    (c) : A general framework for Bachelor's programme shall be as follows:
    G (General) Level programme 120 credits
    A (Honors) Level program 144 credits